Aerospace & Mechanical


The Spirit of Innovation and Entrepeneurship

The AME Department is happy to encourage and advertise contact with local industries, both large and small, and from time to time we learn of unique opportunities from those closely associated with USC. We list here these special opportunities. From the industry side, we can help keep contacts with academia and our students, and we can also help make initial and exploratory tests on sometimes radical and innovative designs. From the student side, here is a gateway to the outside world, and perhaps a unique opportunity to show what you can do. In a competitive job market, every applicant looks for an edge and distinguishing feature. What better advertisement than a report of a special project?

Engineering Project Opportunities

Hoovy has an inovative advertising technique, and is in need of some engineering expertise. An internship opportunity.
New NASA Microgravity Research Opportunity for Undergraduates
The NoMoFlow valve shuts off flow after passing a preset volume.
The FootMate by Gordon Brush Co. cleans and massages your feet in the bath or shower.

International Students: If the position involves a stipend, you MAY NOT accept the stipend (or other remuneration) until you confirm with OIS that you are eligible to receive payment.


indicates a student or group has accepted the challenge so the opportunity is no longer available.

indicates the application deadline has passed.


Applicants are advised that their applications are screened and sorted according to experience and suitability for the project. The filtering process may be done locally through USC Faculty representatives, or at the company itself. Though all applications are answered, not all will be successful.