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 Hai Wang


University of Southern California
Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Los Angeles, California 90089-1453

RTH 506
Tel. (213) 740-0499
Fax. (213) 740-8071
web site:

Academic rank: Professor


1992 Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University
1986 M.S., Michigan Technological University
1984 B.Eng., East China University of Science and Technology

USC Academic Positions:

2010-: Northrop Chair in Engineering, Department of Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering
2007-: Professor, Department of Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering
2004-2007: Associate Professor, Department of Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering

Other Professional Positions:

2001-2004: Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Delaware
1997-2001: Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Delaware

Research Interests:

Combustion chemistry, high-temperature chemical kinetics, soot formation and its effects on climate forcing, nano-material synthesis, characterization and modelling, transport theory of nanomaterials, chemical sensors, catalysis and photocatalysis.

Selected Publications:

H. Wang, "Formation of nascent soot and other condensed-phase materials in flames," (Invited) Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, in press, 2010 (doi:10.1016/j.proci.2010.09.009).
J.P. Cain, P.L. Gassman, H. Wang, and A. Laskin, "Micro-FTIR study of soot chemical composition — evidence of aliphatic hydrocarbons on nascent soot surfaces," (Feature article) Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 12, pp. 5206-5218, 2010.
C.A. Taatjes, D.L. Osborn, T.M. Selby, G. Meloni, A.J. Trevitt, E. Epifanivskii, A.I. Krylov, B. Sirjean, E. Dames, and H. Wang, "Products of the benzene + O(3P) reaction," Journal of Physical Chemistry A 114, pp. 3355-3370, 2010.
E. Dames, B. Sirjean, and H. Wang, "Weakly bound carbon-carbon bonds in acenaphthene derivatives and hexaphenylethane," Journal of Physical Chemistry A 114, pp. 1161-1168, 2010.
T. Shimizu, A.D. Abid, G. Poskrebyshev, H. Wang, J. Nabity, J. Engel, J. Yu, D. Wickham, B. Van Devener, S.L. Anderson, and S. Williams, "Methane ignition catalyzed by in-situ generated palladium nanoparticles," Combustion and Flame 157, pp. 421-435, 2010.
C. Ji, E. Dames, Y.L. Wang, H. Wang, and F.N. Egolfopoulos, "Propagation and extinction of premixed C5-C12 n-alkane flames," Combustion and Flame 157, pp. 277-287, 2010.
A.D. Abid, J. Camacho, D.A. Sheen, and H. Wang, "Quantitative measurement of soot particle size distribution in premixed flames—the burner-stabilized stagnation flame approach," (Feature article) Combustion and Flame 156, pp. 1862-1870, 2009.
D.A. Sheen, X. You, H. Wang, and T. Løvås, "Spectral uncertainty quantification, propagation and optimization of a detailed kinetic model for ethylene combustion," Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 32, pp. 535-542, 2009.
X. You, F.N. Egolfopoulos, H. Wang, "Detailed and simplified kinetic models of n-dodecane oxidation: The role of fuel cracking in aliphatic hydrocarbon combustion," Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 32, pp. 403-410, 2009.
H. Wang, "Transport Properties of Small Spherical Particles." In Interdisciplinary Transport Phenomena: Fluid, Thermal, Biological, Materials, and Space Sciences, S.S. Sadhal, Ed., Blackwell Publishing, Oxford, Vol. 1161, pp 484-493, 2009.
More publications...

Professional Societies:

Combustion Institute
American Chemical Society
American Association of Aerosol Science

Honors and Awards:

2010: Changjiang Scholar
2009: Combustion and Flame Most Cited Author (2005-2008)
2006: Distinguished Paper Award at the Thirty-First International Combustion Symposium
1999: NSF CAREER Award
1992: C.C.Wright Award for Excellence in Graduate Study

Courses Taught:

Combustion Chemistry and Physics
Modern Energy Conversion Devices
Compressible Gas Dynamics
Intermediate Heat Transfer
Statistical Thermodynamics
Air Pollution from Combustion Sources

Recent Professional Development Activities:

2007-: Editorial Board Member, Progress in Energy and Combustion Science
2006-2007: Member of the Organizing Committee of the International Workshop on Combustion-Generated Fine Carbon Particles
2003-: Editorial Board Member, Combustion and Flame
2003-2004: Colloquium Co-Chair, 30th and 31st Symposia on Combustion
2001-2003: Editorial Board Member, International Journal of Chemical Kinetics

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